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Sports Challenges


Mr Potter's Sports Challenges 

Week beginning 11th January

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Physical challenge 

Sock snowballs – click here to see Mr Potter complete the challenge

You will need:

  • 3 pairs of socks rolled into 3 balls.
  • 1 dining, garden or office chair.
  • 1 piece of  A4 paper with a target drawn on it
  • 1 saucepan or bowl
  • 1 empty plastic bottle


On the chair, stick your target to the top of the backrest, place your saucepan/bowl on the seat and stand your bottle under the chair. Then, from the front of your chair, take small steps (the number of your age) away from the chair. Stand in this position (facing the chair) and take one of your sock balls. Using an underarm throw, bowl your sock ball to try to knock down the bottle. If you are unsuccessful, use your next sockball to try again. If you were successful, then take your next sock ball and (from the same position) use an underarm throw to bowl the sockball into the saucepan. If you miss then try again with your final sockball. If you get it in the saucepan then with your final sockball use an overarm throw to try to hit your paper target.

If you knock the bottle over it is 1 point

If you knock the bottle over and get it in the saucepan then it is 2 points.

And if you manage to do all 3 with just 3 sockballs then it is 3 points.



Skills challenge 

Bottle flip challenge – click here to see Mr Potter complete the challenge

You will need – 1 plastic bottle ¼ filled with water and lid screwed on

Your skills challenge, should you choose to accept it…

Starting with the bottle standing on the floor, can you flip the bottle by lifting it by the top of the bottle and tossing it (only just off the ground) through a 360 degree motion to land back on it’s base. Can you do this successfully 3 times in a row?

Photos or videos uploaded to the St Mary’s facebook page

or emailed to apotter@stmarysworthing.org.uk

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