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Weekly Learning Conversation Questions

Useful Information

Learning Conversations

Please ask your child about their learning this week using the questions below. 

This gives the children the opportunity to consolidate and embed what they have learnt through discussion as they become your teacher and share their learning and understanding with you.

There is no expectation or requirement for this to be written down; we value and recognise the importance of talking and communicating with each other.

Year 1 St Clare Class 

What was your favourite activity in sports week?

What would you put on your healthy plate?

How many Race For Life laps did you do?



 Year 2 St Anthony & St Bernadette Class

Why is exercise good for you?

Can you tell your grown up how to play Boccia?

What is your favourite sport and why?



Year 3 St David Class

What is your favourite sport activity?

Why do we need bones?

Who is your favourite sports person?



Year 4 St Elizabeth Class 

What are the rules in Boccia?

How did you play Quidditch?

What is your favourite sport?


Year 5 St Kateri & St Ivan Class

What are the rules of Quidditch?

How do you play Boccia?

What is your favourite sport? Why?

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